Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get the most out of webinars with 3CX WebMeetings

What’s critical in today’s economic climate is finding ways to achieve “more with less” without having to cut down key aspects of your business such as the quality of your services, staff development and learning to reduce costs. How would you address these challenges? More and more professionals have begun using webinars to reach a worldwide clientèle, offer educational marketing and most importantly to train their staff.

What is a Webinar, Anyway?

Webinar simply refers to an online seminar or presentation. Combined together the words web and seminar produce the word webinar. Webinars are presented similarly to how presentations are been delivered in person with the difference that they are broadcasted online through a computer using a software like 3CX WebMeetings.

Benefits of Using 3CX WebMeetings for Webinars

Ease of use

The software has been carefully designed for ease of use and it doesn't really require someone to have IT skills to use it. Try it out! You can easily download the software and install it on your computer and use it with any web browser.

Convenience & Affordability

The price of attending a webinar is certainly cheaper than the one you have to travel to reach its destination. If you are hosting webinars to reach out customers worldwide and partner organisations, with 3CX WebMeeting you are reducing their costs as well.

Efficiency & Long Term Value

Webinars are scheduled to fit the work day of busy professionals. You don’t have to worry anymore if someone misses your presentation. A variety of features are available, presentations can be recorded and listened to and reviewed later. What is more, participants can review the presentations multiple times and revisit the training contents again if needed.

To conclude, no matter your sector, webinars present a very affordable and effective way of delivering presentations, conversations, trainings, new service launch programmes or any type of content you wish to share.

What are you waiting for, Download 3CX Phone System today and enable 3CX WebMeeting!