Friday, January 20, 2012

Mobile Device Management At Home

So many people now have mobile phones - I've seen children as young as 6 have their own smartphone. I don't remember the last time I saw my teenage children without their phone in their hands or at least within reaching distance. The last time I moved a phone when I was cleaning, my son nearly had a heart attack!

I tried to find a way to turn this into an advantage. After all, they have phones but they don't always answer when I call, much to my annoyance. With my oldest child out later and later with his friends, breaking his curfew more often than I'd like, I decided to try out 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

With mobile device management in the home, I've had to worry far less about my children as I did previously. How so? Well, let me give you a quick example - when my son is out late, I don't have to worry about where he is. Is he really at his friends house? Being able to track children means I can just log in to my account and see his real time location. Yes he's late, but at least I know he's where he said he would be (and I can always go and get him!)

3CX Mobile Device Manager also allows me to know what applications are on each connected device and I can remotely remove any that I don't approve of. The biggest advantage, in my opinion, is that if they ever lose their phone, with all their personal data and photo's on it, I can see where it is through the dashboard, and even remotely lock the phone. In fact, one evening when I was feeling rather annoyed at another broken curfew, I had good fun changing my son's password. I told him what the new password was three days later, but I think he learned his lesson. And nothing gets him home faster than telling him if he isn't back in twenty minutes, I'll be remotely wiping his entire device.