Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Using VoIP is a good bet for companies in hard economic times. It can save them money and provide much-needed flexibility. But VoIP gateway can also be helpful for organizations dealing with the victims of those hard times. For example, LiveVox Inc.'s hosted voice over ip dialer helps collection agencies cope with abrupt changes in their business. It lets them ramp their capacity as quickly as necessary, and helps them adjust to rapidly changing regulations. It may even help them deal more humanely with debtors.

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Joshua Smith said...

Thank you for such helpful tips. If you need to get customized application or software, try outsourcing software development service.

Stew said...

Short yet pretty comprehensive information you got here mate! If I may just add,
philippines Voip communications provider subscribes to those standards you mentioned.

u3j6jauwb5 said...

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